We were delighted to have Harriet from Wandering Chef 613 join us and feed our stomachs (and our spirits) at the 2023 Summit! Though Harriet has retired, she has given us some great leads on caterers for 2025. Please stay tuned!

Harriet launched her freelance company in 2022- Wandering Chef 613- that encompasses in-home curated dinners, mentoring, teaching, consulting while always maintaining a close connection to community, charitable organizations and pursuing the betterment of the restaurant industry. She works closely with Foodworks and Madahoki Farm and has just started working with The Well.

Harriet is also host of her own show, Scrap Cooking TV where she combines 2 of her greatest passions – cooking and food sustainability. You can catch her on Rogers 22 and YouTube.

You can see what Harriet is up to on Instagram @WanderingChef613 and on Facebook at Wandering Chef 613

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